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Are you a new business owner eager to sell your products and services online? 
Struggling to get noticed? Not sure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let me tell you a story about my friend Mark...

Mark had amazing products he knew were destined to do great as an online business. So, he started searching for a platform to build his website on.

He was bombarded with different platforms, none of which were user-friendly or quick to get started without costing a fortune. On top of all that, Mark didn’t have the time to be a web designer—he had a business to run.

Luckily, he found our platform, and everything changed.

Mark started with a free, stunning website using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. It was fast, easy, and optimized for lead conversion—done for him.

As his business grew, Mark realized he needed more than just a website. He had an audience to market to, newsletters with promotional offers to send, leads to nurture, payments to collect, documents to sign, and much more. He called me in a panic, asking what to do.

I told him not to worry because our platform has it all integrated under one roof. We upgraded his subscription to our standard plan, and he got everything he needed: accounting, inventory tracking, document management, a full marketing suite (social, SMS, email) with automation, quoting, CRM and so much more.

Here’s the kicker: all this comes at just $30 per user per month—less than your daily coffee fix. For the price of your daily caffeine, Mark got all the tools he needed to run and grow his business. It’s a no-brainer.

So, are you ready to take your business online and experience the same transformation as Mark? Or are you going to let Mark get all the business while you sit on the sidelines? 

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You're in full control + you get a cool AI sidekick 

Visualize. Build. Launch.

Effortlessly design your perfect website with the power of AI. Our AI suggests layouts and content tailored specifically to your industry, taking the guesswork out of design.

Supercharge Your Content

Leverage AI to boost your copywriting. Generate engaging content from a simple prompt or refine your existing text to strike the perfect tone with just one click

AI at Your Service

Experience the future of web design. Let our AI be your creative partner, ensuring your website not only looks great but also converts visitors into customers.

Optimized for Speed
Ensure your website loads quickly to keep visitors engaged and improve your search engine rankings, with automatic image resizing and compression.

Smart Color Presets
Achieve a professional look with perfectly matched colors, ensuring your website is always visually appealing and easy to read

Beautiful Themes
Choose from a variety of stunning themes at no extra cost, allowing you to create a beautiful website that stands out.

Media Management
Save time and enhance your content with easy access to millions of copyright-free images and videos, all editable directly on your page 

User and Developer-Friendly 
Enjoy the flexibility to customize your site your way, whether using a simple drag-and-drop builder or advanced coding, backed by free hosting. 

Free SSL and domain
Gain trust from your visitors with a free SSL certificate and enjoy peace of mind with a 99.9% uptime guarantee

Mobile Friendly
Reach your audience on any device with a website that automatically adapts to mobile screens, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors

Smart Form Builder
Easily capture leads and streamline your business processes with customized forms that integrate seamlessly into your workflow.



  • Access to the website + eCommerce 
  • Unlimited users
  • Secure hosting ensures your site is always up.
  • AI Website Builder



$ 44.90


  •   Full access to all available applications  
  • Hosted in the cloud with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited users
  • Mobile app
  • Free domain with the option to use your domain
  • Integrated email server for seamless communication

The Standard plan includes all apps for a single fee:

Website Builder

Create a stunning, functional website using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder and AI assistant. Enjoy features like SEO tools, blogging, and customizable themes, all designed to help you build a professional online presence effortlessly.

Marketing Suite

Boost engagement and drive growth with integrated tools for email marketing, social media management, and SEO. Seamlessly connect all your marketing efforts to your website for maximum impact.  


Streamline your sales process with our built-in CRM. Manage leads, track customer interactions, and gain valuable insights to increase conversion rates and foster better customer relationships.


Simplify your billing process with automated invoice creation, payment tracking, and integration with your sales data. Ensure faster payments and keep accurate financial records.  


Digitize your document processes with our Sign Module. Send, sign, and approve documents online effortlessly. Track status, set reminders, and ensure compliance with legal standards.


Centralize your organization's information. Collaborate in real-time, manage access rights, and create knowledge articles. It's like Notion, but seamlessly integrated with your entire business 

Do you have questions?

If the answer to your question is not on this page, please contact us.

There isn't one. Start with our free plan and scale as needed. Enjoy full access to essential tools without any hidden fees or obligations. Once you fill the form you will have two options to choose from:

  • We setup your system, create your user and send you the details so you can use it and we're gone
  • We setup the system and build your site just how you want it and how you outlined in the form in 7 days or less

You'll get a free, AI-powered website builder, seamless integration with essential business tools, and affordable scalability. Everything is designed to help your business thrive online without the hassle or high costs.

Absolutely. Whether you prefer using our drag-and-drop builder or coding with HTML, CSS, and JS, you have full control over customization. Our platform adapts to your business requirements effortlessly.

Yes. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to make updates, add new content, and adjust settings without needing technical expertise, so if you don't like us, you're free to do whatever you want. You own your data and system.

When we enable the website for you, we will automatically enable eCommerce, Discuss, Invoicing and Dashboards which will allow you to setup your online store, manage inventory, talk to your team (remember we give you infinite users), Invoice and collect payments, pay vendors and see reports 

We natively support the following payment providers with our free plan: Stripe, SEPA Direct Debit, Adyen, Amazon Payment Services, Asiapay,, Buckaroo, Flutterwave, Mercado Pago, Mollie, PayPal, Razorpay, Sips, and Xendit. Simply set up an account on your chosen platform, collect the API details, and enter them into our system.

Just send us an email letting us know in which apps you are interested in and we will upgrade the plan for you and we'll also help you get started with the new apps showing you basics of how they work together in a complimentary 1 hour session.

In that case, you can choose to have us port your site to our platform and use the additional features or keep your site, we set your eCommerce on our platform and on your website you link the Shop piece in the menu to the domain, creating a seamless link while still being under 1 subscription 

Security is our top priority. We offer secure hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, SSL certificates, and robust data protection measures to ensure your business information is safe and accessible.

Yes. You can use your existing domain or get a free domain with our plans. The choice is yours, and we provide easy setup instructions for both options.  

How do we make money?

Thanks for caring about us! 😄 But seriously, here's the deal:​

Our free package? Completely free. You get our software and an initial survey screening, with which we'll create a scope of work and an implementation plan for you. You can take that plan and run with it on your own if you don't like us and want to work with someone else—no charge.

Our standard package? That's the cost of the software. We don't make money on that either. Where we do make money is by selling you OUR time and expertise. For $45/hour, we offer services like writing your copy, setting up basic SEO, building your site, getting you up and running on the platform, and providing learning materials.

Once we present the scope of work for the Free Website Plan, you'll have two options : ​

  • Option 1: We set up your system, create your user, send you the details, and we're done, you're on your own.
  • Option 2: We set up the system and build your site exactly how you want it, as outlined in your survey, within 7 days or less.

If you choose Option 2, you'll receive an estimate of the billable hours needed at our $45/hour rate for us to do it all for you. Any additional hours beyond the estimate will be at a discounted rate of $30/hour. Once your website is complete, you'll get a week of support for any changes needed on the site or questions about using it. ​

  Get time back while earning more 

Imagine a business where growth feels effortless. With Nedax, you can streamline operations and automate complex tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—increasing revenue.

Experience the magic of smoother workflows and higher efficiency. Our AI-powered tools give you the confidence to scale your business without limits. With over 40 years of experience, Nedax brings expertise and innovation to drive your success.

Turn challenges into opportunities and achieve lasting success with results that matter. Boost your productivity, reach your target market, and enjoy sustainable growth. With us, you can overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential in the digital age.

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Who have we worked with?


ERPIZO brings you the revolutionary cloud ERP built for distributors, manufacturers and retailers. Founded by industry veterans, we're the real deal as specialists in building products, tile, carpet, stone, flooring, fixtures, furniture, roofing, windows, doors, as well as home services like pest control, pool maintenance, air conditioning,  and home automation.  


Elevate your operations, outsmart the competition, and drive unparalleled growth with Noetic ERP's bespoke solutions designed exclusively for dealers and distributors. Experience the seamless synergy of advanced analytics, comprehensive CRM, and streamlined service management – all in one robust platform. 

Cooktop Bags

Step into the future of countertop installation where efficiency meets innovation. Cooktop Bags are designed to revolutionize your workflow, ensuring a clean, debris-free environment every step of the way. Step into the future of countertop installation where efficiency meets innovation. Cooktop Bags are designed to revolutionize your workflow, ensuring a clean, debris-free environment every step of the way.  

Office Space Copier

Welcome to Office Space Copier
Your Trusted Partner in Office Efficiency. At Office Space Copier, they're redefining what it means to be a Customer Service Company in the office equipment industry. They are not just another vendor; they are your strategic partner, ensuring that your office runs smoothly, efficiently, and without the usual headaches that come with copier and printer management. 


At the heart of every digital interaction lies a profound quest for understanding, belonging, and meaning. "Future Shock" embarks on a journey to discover the unnerving and raw underbelly of our digital lives. It's more than a blog and newsletter—it's an exploration into the philosophical and human implications of our tech-driven existence. 

James D. Wilson

James helps multinational organizations reach their goals by spearheading technological direction and transforming systems requirements into highly effective technology solutions.

Kingdom Landscaping

After two years of hard work, the business has grown to have a truck with a zero-turn mower and a hard-working crew covering the Freehold and Howell areas.

Dr. Ayad Dentistry

Dr Ayad is a general dental practitioner with a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry. With a love for science and a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt.

From vision to reality


Research & Planning

We send you a survey to understand your needs. Based on your responses, we draft a detailed scope of work and start the project.


Homepage Design

We build out the homepage and send you a feedback survey. We iterate based on your feedback until you're satisfied.


Site Buildout

Once the homepage is approved, we build the rest of your site, providing all images and copy unless you request otherwise.


QA & Launch

After final approval, we launch your new site and offer ongoing support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Don't let time 
run you over!

 Start your journey by filling out our project brief.

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